Wedding Ale

Wedding Ale

When called upon to brew something special for a wedding, I decided a fruit beer would convey that extra boost to the spirit of the event.

Cherries came to mind since they are red and symbolize passion. For the base a neutral blonde ale would be an excellent canvas to blend all the other ingredients.

Starting with Briess Brewers malt for the backbone an addition of Caramel malt and Blonde Roast Oat malt would lend a light toasted mild sweetness and enhanced mouthfeel with some oaty flavor. Red X malt will help in lending a red hue. Adding honey post fermentation preserves the flavor and aroma while the cherries drive this beer into a new dimension!

We chose Belma hops because it is dual purpose and infuses a fruitiness in beers that include notes of orange, melon, strawberry, pineapple with a hint of grapefruit. This will complement the stone fruit aspects of the cherries.

After primary fermentation slows down in about 7 days dry hop. On day 10 prepare cherries and honey and add to a clean fermenter that has enough headspace to accommodate the krausen which will be created as the sugars will awaken the dormant yeast. The heating of the cherries is done to downplay the raw fruit aspects and have more of a beer like character. Blending in the honey will help to dissolve it and make it easier to transfer.

Allow ample time for the cherries to finish fermenting and prepare for a long cold crash to get everything to settle out before kegging.

Stand back and watch as this beer becomes a crowd favorite for craft lovers as well as lite beer drinkers.

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