Taste – Bitter to Sweet- Back to Bitter and How We Can Change It With Beer

In the olden days all ate plants that were bland, tasty, sweet and/or bitter
Grazing, gathering or dispatching whatever just to survive
Salt was at a premium and used for the palate and health
Societies relied on what was around, so that’s what you were stuck with
Natural nutrition kept people alive naturally
The taste of foods usually included bitterness, so people were used to it
Consuming bitters created balanced bodies because it stimulates the digestive fluids to flow, thus aiding in digestion
Currently our diets are tuned to the addition of lots of sweets, carbs and salt
Overloaded quickly
Almost to an OD
Switch back people and try to avoid a sugary attack
Counter those urges and seek out highly hopped bitter beers
Get back to the bitter taste, and possibly save your life
That being said, there is a growing trend that feels a really flavorful hoppy bitter beer might be the best this age has to offer in terms of how fit we stay.

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