Pudgy Pumpkin Ale

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The newest fruit beer is on line at the Wildcat Homebrewery.

Remember the wedding ales, Hibiscus Mango and Cherry Gala

 Well now we have a holiday beer made with real pumpkin.

Pudgy Pumpkin Beer is specially made to accent this Thanksgiving as we get together and share our love.  Three types of malt and Northern Brewer Hops build this treat combining late additions of ginger, cinnamon, clove and vanilla pods blending flavors with the fullness you get from the pumpkin in the mash.

Fulvous in color and such a persistent off-white head, entice all in perception.

Ok I did add some Rice Hulls, say a pound, as insurance against a stuck mash

Try using a smoker to cook the pumpkin slowly roasting it with some brown sugar which will add caramel flavor in the beer

Try this batch it is rewarding!

Original recipe from October 4, 2019

    Pudgy Pumpkin Ale             5 G.

 4.5 #  Rahr Pale Ale malt

 3.5 # Briess Brewers malt

 3 #   Bonlander Munich malt

 2 #  Aromatic Munich  malt

 1 # Rice Hulls

          Pumpkin (Cut up and Smoked 2 Hrs. @ 350 °F)  ~  5 # pulp yield

.5 oz.  Northern Brewer hops pellets              8.5 % AA

.35 oz.  Ginger root peeled and grated

 1 Cinnamon stick broken up 8 g.     2  Whole Cloves

 2 Vanilla beans scooped and cut up ~ 3.7 g.

Mash   4 G. 84 oz.  water at 168°F in tun add grains and hulls

5 # Pumpkin smashed w/ 1.5 G. water heated to 157 °F add to top of mash and stir

          100 min. rest or until iodine test is OK

          Stir in 2 G.  water @ 170°F – 5 min. rest

Sparge continuous 3 G.

Boil      75 min.

Hops    First addition              .25 oz.        Northern Brewer          @  55 min.

              Second                       .25 oz.         Northern Brewer          @  70 min.

              Third        Ginger root  Cinnamon Stick and Cloves        Last 12 min.

              Last                                               Vanilla                       End of boil

O.G.  1.067               6 IBU’s          F.G.  1.018        6.4 % ABV 

Rest 5 min-chill to fermenter – oxygenate – Pitch @ 64 °F 

Yeast   Wyeast 1332 Northwest Ale

Fermentation  hold 64-66 °F primary 2 weeks rack to secondary 10 days

Cold Crash 2 weeks


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