New Hops For Your New Beer

We’ve all made tons of beers with tried and true hops that have been available throughout the years, but lately some new varieties have emerged in the U.S. markets. These newcomers are actually clones of old stock that have been developed to accent the most desirable qualities of cultivation, utilization and shelf life. Herein lies the magic often aspired by homebrewers seeking to get away from the common rut of sticking to historical styles. These new varieties offer hop oil contents uncharacteristic of the parent strains making them wildly exciting to experiment with. Think about that Pale Ale with a different nose or a spicier bitterness in the middle. The possibilities are endless when the homebrewer does a little research to match the new hops with their favorite grain bill. Now’s the time to search around for these new hops with names like Amarillo, Citra, Glacier, Palisade, Simcoe, and Sterling. I’ll get to the descriptions of these hops later as we review some hops facts.