Northdown Blond Beer (all grain) 5 gal. yield

We used a single malt/ single hop recipe to make it easier to identify the flavors associated with the individual ingredients.  Our goal with these blond beers is to highlight a different hop using the same malt, thereby showcasing the hops contribution.  Past blond beers using  Sterling, Magnum, and Aurora hops all showed to have a profound affect on the beer ranging from a fine subtle to a sharp crisp bite.  Hop schedules were calculated to yield similar or higher  IBU’s.  This is fun brewing since the beers are unlike anything available commercially.

10 #    Maris Otter malt
2 oz.   Northdown Hops pellets   5 % AA

Additives  1 Tbs. pH stabilizer – 1 tsp. Gypsum to mash
1  tsp. Yeast nutrient – 1 tsp. Irish Moss to boil
Mash  3 Gal. 42 oz.  water @ 164F in tun add grains to153 F
stir @ 5 min.       @  30 min.       @  50 min.
75 min. rest to  149F             Iodine test
2 Gal.  water boiling to mash out  166 F 5 min.
Sparge continuous 3.5Gal.  water collected ~7.25 Gal. wort
Boil  time 60 min.
Hops     1 oz. @ 15 min.
1 oz  @  end
O.G.   1.054        F.G.  1.012           13.5/3 Plato           22 IBU’s
Rest  20 min. chill to fermenter-oxygenate-pitch @   70F
Yeast    two XL 1084 Irish Ale
Blow-off pops by

Rack Secondary  7-10 days when ready___________________
Put in fridge   7-10 days later as beer clears_________________
Keg  after 3 weeks_________________________________% ABV
Notes  ______________________________________________


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