Honey Brown Ale

Sometimes a change is needed. We always enjoy variety in life, so the same goes for the craft beer we drink. Homebrewing can fill in the voids where you can make a beer you can’t buy. That being said, we decided it was time to brew a honey brown ale unlike anything from the shelves at the store.

Seven different grains are used in conjunction with some local honey and English hops to result in a rich dark brew with a divine aroma. Using 50 % specialty malts goes against the norm, but stick with it because the huge body it produces will balance the drying effect of the honey. Priming with honey in the keg gives a smooth carbonation and lasting head that is appealing and delicious. Using Irish Ale yeast will help to maintain a crisp profile with subtle fruitiness. A spunding valve is needed to monitor the pressure to 15 psi and will also help in setting the final carbonation level.

    Honey Brown  Ale                  5 G. net

    5 #   Viking Red Ale malt 25-29 L

    5 #   Briess Pale Ale malt

    1 #   Briess Blonde Roast Oat malt                  

   .5 #   Victory malt 

   .5 #   Briess Caramel 10                                             

   .5 #   Briess Caramel 20          

   .25 #  Briess Midnight Wheat malt 

    1.5 #  Honey in 1°   plus 5.5 oz. primer    

    1.5 oz. Admiral hops pellets           13.3 % AA 

     1 oz.   Kent Golding pellets             4.8 % AA               

Mash   4.2 G. adjusted water at 168 °F in tun add grains to 157 °F

             90 min. rest to ensure conversion (alpha amylase @ end can help)

             Add 2 G. water @ 170 °F and vorlauf

Sparge  continuous  2.5 G.  water

Boil    60 min.

Hops  First addition         .25 oz. Admiral             @   First Wort

           Second                  .25 oz. Admiral              @  15 min.

           Last                         1 oz.  Admiral, Kent Golding @ End of boil

O.G.  1.053           31 IBU’s   

Rest  5 min.-chill to fermenter-oxygenate Pitch @  63°F

Yeast   Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale

Ferment @ 66 °F in primary 7-10 days

Honey Addition to 1.060  day 4  in primary

Rack to secondary rest 14 days  F.G. 1.012

Keg  adding  5.5 oz. priming honey calc. 2.4 Vol. CO2 – attach spund

Cold crash  when pressure balances at 15 psi. usually 14-20 days



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