Hibiscus Mango Wheat Ale

Bringing a keg of your homebrew to a wedding is a great gift to those special people that invited you, well bringing two of your beers is even better. I usually include fruit beers because they quickly become a crowd favorite. One is always the Cherry Gala Ale while the other is a Hibiscus Mango Wheat Ale. The hibiscus is derived from a tea of dried flowers and to be consistent in flavor use a mango puree. Keep the amount of puree listed and the hibiscus tea could be reduced to your personal preference for color and flavor.

     Hibiscus Mango Ale          5 Gal. net

5 #   Briess brewers malt

1 #   Golden Promise malt

1 #   Briess Caramel malt 10

1 #   Briess Caramel malt 20

1 #   Red Wheat malt

.4 oz.  Galena pellets                  14  % AA

1 oz.  Cascade pellets                5.7  % AA

8 oz.   Amoretti Mango puree

6.5 oz. Dried Hibiscus flowers

Mash    3 G.  Adjusted water at 167 °F in tun add grains to 155 °F

              2 G.  water @ 170 °F to 154 °F 5 min.

Sparge   continuous 4 G. Stokes water collect ~ 7 G.

Boil     60 min.

Hops   First addition         .4 oz.      Galena             @ 20 min.

            Second addition     .5 oz.      Cascade           @ 30 min.

            Last                         .5 oz.       Cascade           @ end

O.G.  1.044               29 IBU’s                         

Rest 5 min-chill to fermenter-oxygenate Pitch @ 66 °F

  add O2 in 1 Hr.

Yeast    1272 American Ale II

Ferment @ 64 °F

Rack to secondary day 7 onto mango puree 

FG ________

Cold Crash when terminal gravity is reached

Keg_______Add hibiscus flower tea  3 c. boiling water over flowers in                  muslin bag – pour 1 pint tea into keg when cool then carbonate

Notes  ______________________________________________________



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