Esteem of the Beer World

Beer appreciation can be described as an empathy that exists
between the ever growing numbers of craft brew enthusiasts.  Picture
this as a sudsy world of serendipity where we hold an apparent
aptitude for making accidental fortunate discoveries with strangers
all in the pursuit of a satisfying goblet or pint.

With that in mind, daily excursions and even planned vacations
become centered around the hub of unbeknownst locales offering
what we hope will be the finest nectar of the gods accompanied
by the quaint ambiance we seek to satiate the mind and palate.

The chase is on as people head out all over the place.  We go
upstate, downstate, across the state, to the tri-state, by the river,
over the river, to town, through the woods, everywhere all in a
challenge to be rewarded with the best experience of imbibing
and colloquy.

We search as we stroll through the forest of tap handles,
sometimes with more than 40 species containing a few previously
unknown.  The salient ones catch our early attention, but are they
worthy?  Decision time is near and sometimes the person sitting
next to you has a tip on the best pour.  Say Hi and a random
conversation will follow about where we live, what beers are
there or what’s great around here.  Inquire as to what they like and
why?  The sense of discovery driven by knowledge and experience
will catapult you on a mission unlike any other.  A respect for
beer and the people that create it will develop.

We have to boldly go where we haven’t gone before.
Somehow through the years our society has lost the desire to
explore.  When I was a child I wanted to be a scientist probably
because in the 1950’s and 60’s we were looking at the sky and
in awe of how people will be visiting space and someday living
there.  It helped create a vision of limitless expanse where each one
of us could grab a bit and mold it into our lives.  Things changed.
The wars and economy distracted us and reversed our direction,
suddenly there was no future, just now.  Recently, talk of the end of
the world further eroded any hope that we could instill in our
youth a sense that there is more to life.

Felicity is within our reach.

Approach every day like you are building a bridge over a huge
frontier.  Piece by piece the project gets done.  And when
it’s complete we have more of the universe to navigate through by
using our new route.

Time is precious and short and that’s why a little inspiration
can go a long way.  Get out there and explore the vast array of
breweries and the different styles they offer.

Better yet, get some people together and try some
homebrewing so when you find a style you like you could make
your own.  Think of it as “the sky’s the limit.”

It’s been said “Beer can change the world, I’m not sure how but it will.”

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