Cream Ale

With summertime almost here our thoughts turn to the lighter side of beer. Oh, we mean that “lawnmower” beer that’s cleanly fermented and flavorful.

A nice cream ale would be delightful to enjoy on a warm afternoon. Something so drinkable and refreshing while retaining the noble hop character unlike the typical American lagers.

This beer has a mixed aroma of creamy notes and corn sweetness with very light fruity esters while maintaining low hop detail. The limited use of Magnum hops manages to hold an underlining bitterness to balance the sweetness of the malts.

Using Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale yeast lends a hand in keeping a malt character while fermenting neutral and clean.

            Cream Ale                5 G. net

 7   #   Pale 2-Row malt

1.5 #   Flaked Corn

2 oz.   Acidulated malt

15.7 g. American Magnum pellets     11.8 % AA

Mash    3 G.  Adjusted water at 164 °F in tun add grains to 153 °F

              60 min. rest – until iodine test OK  

    Add 2 G. water @ 170 °F no mash-out

Sparge   continuous 4 G. water

Boil     60 min.

Hops   First addition                   7 g      Magnum        @ 15 min.

            Second                            6 g.     Magnum           @ 30 min.

             Last                                 2.7 g.    Magnum            @   end of boil

O.G.  1.050          F.G. 1.006                3 SRM                19 IBU’s                  

Rest 5 min-chill to fermenter-oxygenate

Pitch  @  64 °F

Yeast    Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale yeast

Ferment  @ 64 °F

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