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Cream Ale

With summertime almost here our thoughts turn to the lighter side of beer. Oh, we mean that “lawnmower” beer that’s cleanly fermented and flavorful. A nice cream ale would be delightful to enjoy on a warm afternoon. Something so drinkable and refreshing while retaining the noble hop character unlike the typical American lagers. This beer […]

American Pale Wheat Ale

       To make a truly different beer has always been a major test and desire for any homebrewer.  Well, there is a style that captivates many a palate enough to create a demand.  This will involve the use of a common grain in conjunction with malted barley.  Yes, think wheat added to your favorite Blonde […]

Honey Brown Ale

Sometimes a change is needed. We always enjoy variety in life, so the same goes for the craft beer we drink. Homebrewing can fill in the voids where you can make a beer you can’t buy. That being said, we decided it was time to brew a honey brown ale unlike anything from the shelves […]

Hibiscus Mango Wheat Ale

Bringing a keg of your homebrew to a wedding is a great gift to those special people that invited you, well bringing two of your beers is even better. I usually include fruit beers because they quickly become a crowd favorite. One is always the Cherry Gala Ale while the other is a Hibiscus Mango […]

Cherry Gala Beer

            7 #   Briess Brewers malt             1 #   Briess Caramel malt 60 °L             2 #   Blonde RoastOat malt 4 °L             3 oz. Country Malt Red X malt             6 #  Frozen Cherries defrosted             1 #  Honey             3 oz. Belma hops pellets          8.5  % AA Mash   3 G. 50 oz. […]

A Clever Brew Trickster’s Wit

Trickster’s Wit is an enticingly robust White IPA brewed using Belgian Pilsner malt, 2-Row barley, and Torrified Wheat to create a silky smooth palate and body. Belgian Wit yeast, Chinook, Centennial, and Cascade hops for bittering, Amarillo for aroma with more Chinook and Cascade plus Azacca dry hop result in a beer with a fruity […]

Smokin’ Blonde Ale

What at first seems like a strange brew will evolve onto a unique experience that is truly refreshing. In attempting to duplicate the famous beers of Bamburg we combine 2-Row barley and Caramel 10 with 26% Rauch malt balanced by Pioneer and Ultra hops.     Smokin’ Blonde Ale      7.5 #  Briess Brewers malt   3 […]

Hop Whirled IPA

Sometimes we need to make a beer that can be a part of any new trend showing up in our beer world. Well this beer, as in IPA is created using a process where hops are whirled in the kettle to infuse their own flavor characteristics. Using hops donated to the cause like Falconer’s Flight […]

Blonde Ale

  Matching Hops Within Style      Blonde Ale There are many factors involved in home brewing beer such as the amount and type of malt, hops, water, temperature, fermentation temperatures and of course yeast.  When combined properly, the true characteristics and flavor will be displayed in that special brew. Previously we worked on recipes for […]

Northdown Blond Beer (all grain) 5 gal. yield

We used a single malt/ single hop recipe to make it easier to identify the flavors associated with the individual ingredients.  Our goal with these blond beers is to highlight a different hop using the same malt, thereby showcasing the hops contribution.  Past blond beers using  Sterling, Magnum, and Aurora hops all showed to have […]