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Blackberry Wheat Ale

Any season is great to brew fruit beers which are especially popular as the days warm up. We try to brew and hold a special beer usually using berries that tend to impart delicious flavor profiles. Blackberries fit the bill as they contribute decent color and tastes that are unique and drinkable delighting people that […]

Wedding Ale

Wedding Ale When called upon to brew something special for a wedding, I decided a fruit beer would convey that extra boost to the spirit of the event. Cherries came to mind since they are red and symbolize passion. For the base a neutral blonde ale would be an excellent canvas to blend all the […]

Beers Win !

                                                            Beers Win ! BEER JUDGE CERTIFICATION – INTRODUCTION TO THE 2015GUIDELINES states:             1. The BJCP Style Guidelines are guidelines not specifications. Take those words at face value, or their plain meaning. Guidelines are meant to describe general characteristics of the most common examples, and serve as an aid for judging; they are not […]

From Here to There

New to Reddit so Hello and thank you for the welcome to  r/Homebrewing Site looks great and seems easy to navigate. Very interesting ideas from Very interesting people I’m looking forward to participate in appreciation to all those out there that share this common interest with so much vigor creating a drive to always supersede […]

Taste – Bitter to Sweet- Back to Bitter and How We Can Change It With Beer

In the olden days all ate plants that were bland, tasty, sweet and/or bitter Grazing, gathering or dispatching whatever just to survive Salt was at a premium and used for the palate and health Societies relied on what was around, so that’s what you were stuck with Natural nutrition kept people alive naturally The taste […]

Brew A Belgium Quad

Summer is still in full swing and that means brewing a beer that loves the warm weather. Belgium ales and Saisons come to mind as the temperature rises. Brewing these ales are a specialty and quite a treat to the palate that has been used to running on Blonde, Pales, Amber and Stout. Why not […]

Esteem of the Beer World

Beer appreciation can be described as an empathy that exists between the ever growing numbers of craft brew enthusiasts.  Picture this as a sudsy world of serendipity where we hold an apparent aptitude for making accidental fortunate discoveries with strangers all in the pursuit of a satisfying goblet or pint. With that in mind, daily […]


As winter is approaching, the weather here in northwestern NJ has already turned cold. Brewing beer outdoors means we are dependent on fair weather. That means no precipitation or blustery wind gusts. We can deal with the cold. The frigid temperatures don’t have to stop the carboys from being filled, it just creates a new […]

What’s in Your Water?

Brewing water chemistry has a direct effect on the quality of beer you produce. There are many articles and even books on the subject and it seems surprising that some brewers pay little attention to it. By following some guidelines your homebrews will tend to improve as you tune in on the subtle differences that […]

A Curious History – Can brewing be traced to childhood ?

Each homebrewer has his reasons for homebrewing, but what he might not realize is that his hobby may have something to do with his past. No, I don’t mean reincarnation or hypnosis. I’m talking about something in the psyche that can slowly develop or be triggered by an ordinary event. I grew up in Newark, […]