Brew A Belgium Quad

Summer is still in full swing and that means brewing a beer that loves the warm weather. Belgium ales and Saisons come to mind as the temperature rises.
Brewing these ales are a specialty and quite a treat to the palate that has been used to running on Blonde, Pales, Amber and Stout. Why not try to go wild and turn out a fantastic beer that everyone will enjoy?
At Wildcat Homebrew we will duplicate the same recipe as last year in our effort to maintain a collection of Quads that can be sampled and compared as they age in our cellar. It will be very interesting to see how each batch matures. Our goal is to save at least one bottle to the five year mark and celebrate the unique character that evolves to tickle the senses.
There’s still time left in the season, so go for it and create that masterpiece homebrew. This recipe produces a dark strong ale that is complex and rich in flavors, yet remains smooth and fruity. Distinctive and engaging this beer will devise a vision into a sumptuous experience that can linger on for years.

Belgium Quad/ Plums
All-grain bumped 5 Gal. yield 11% ABV
9 # Belgium Pale malt
8.5 # German Munich malt
.5 # Special B
.25 # Chocolate malt 350L
1 # Bavarian Wheat DME
1 # Adjunct – Belgian Candi Syrup (Dark)
1.6 # Plums (Purple)
• Bittering Hops Styrian Golding pellets
• Finishing Hops Saaz pellets
• Adjust schedule to get 22 IBU’s
Additives 1 TBS. pH stabilizer – .5 tsp. CaCl to mash using hard water
1 tsp. Irish Moss – 1 tsp. yeast nutrient to boil
Mash 6 Gal. water at 168° F in tun add grains
75 min. rest to 153° F
2 Gal. boiling water mash – out at 167° F 5 min.
Sparge continuous 3 Gal. 168° F water collect ~ 7.5 Gal.
Boil 90 min. total last 20 min. add DME
Hops three additions and one @ end of boil
O.G. 1.090 22.5 Plato SRM N/A ~ 22 IBU’s
Rest 30 min. – chill to fermenter – oxygenate well then Pitch yeast
15 sec. O2 in 1 hour
Yeast 4 XL 1762 Belgium Abbey II or appropriate yeast starter

Maintain 72°F during ferment

Fermentation Activity should be evident in about 4 hours with full ferment in 12 hours ___________________________________________

Belgium candi sugar and plums – When primary dies down in 3 days use 2 Qts. water dissolving candi syrup – bring to boil – add macerated fresh pitted plums – return to boil – shut off – rest 20 min. – cool in ice water bath – add to primary fermenter via funnel/tubing to avoid splashing

Calculations for additional sugar ( Approximate ):
1.6 lb. Plums ~ 72 g. or 1.032/5G= .0064
1 lb. Dark candi sugar 1.032/5G= .0064
.0128 + O.G 1.090     Adjusted O.G. 1.103
Rack to Secondary in 7 to 10 days S.G. 1.0___   around 1.022

Temp ____ °F
Put in fridge “ crash your Quad “ for about 10 weeks to age then keg or
Bottlle Use 4.5 oz. corn sugar/WL530 Abbey Ale yeast in bottling bucket- could use carbonation drops 1 for 375 ml 2 for a 750 ml

Yields 12 750 ml. and 28 375 ml. cage and cork bottles – label
Notes ________________________________________________

Brew by Capt Mike – Scott

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