Blackberry Wheat Ale

Fruit beers are especially popular in the warmer months and as summer is approaching, we always brew a raspberry beer. Red raspberries tend to impart more flavor than black, but either will work in this recipe based on availability or preference.

The base for this beer is a wheat ale which is neutral and light and it will highlight the fruit used. After 7-10 days in the primary prepare the berries as directed and pour into a clean fermenter with extra headspace to accommodate the added fermentation. Rack primary onto fruit juice and let sit for at least 2 weeks or when fermentation is complete. Rack to a third fermenter avoiding any sediment. Let it sit for a few days to condition then cold crash for a few weeks to clear.

 Blackberry Wheat Ale       5 + G. net

          6 #   Briess Brewers malt

          4 #   Briess White Wheat malt

        .5 oz Northern Brewer pellets   9.8% AA

          6 #   Frozen Blackberries – thawed

Mash   3.5 G. Adjusted water at 168 °F in tun add grains to 156 °F

             75 min. rest or until Iodine test OK

             2 Gal.  water added @  170°F rest 5 min.

Sparge   continuous 3.25 G.  water

Boil        60 min.

Hops     First addition      .25 oz.   N Brewer        first wort

              Second               .25 oz.   N Brewer        @ 15 min.

O.G.  1.050    Adjusted w/ berries  1.053         F.G. 1.006             18 IBU’s

Rest  5 min.-chill to fermenter-oxygenate Pitch @ 64 °F

Yeast  Wyeast 1272 Ale

Ferment @  64 °F  

Blackberries   4 pints water @ 150°F to smashed berries to release seeds

          Heat to 140 °F Strain and cool to 64 °F yields about 84 oz. juice

Rack to Secondary  on top of juice

           yield 5.75 G.

Rack to 3° __________________________________________________

Cold crash _________________________________________________

Keg ______

Notes ______________________________________________________

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