Beginner’s Guide to Home Brewing


You are about to enter the exciting world of home brewing that mixes art and science together to create one of the truly enjoyable pleasures in life – quality beer. As we go through the process I will explain to you what I have found to be the most practical way of brewing using equipment commonly found in local brew supply stores or catalog outlets. You will find that the more you brew the easier it gets. So relax and enjoy!

In choosing to brew your own beer, you will eventually consider brewing outdoors although at times your kitchen is the only choice. By keeping it outside you won’t hear complaints about odors or messy kitchen counters or floors. Everything can be accomplished outdoors using the yard as a brew area and the garden hose as your water for cleaning and rinsing. When done for the day the patio or deck can be rinsed off and be ready for the barbecue. Neighbors will stop by to see that the roar is the gas burner and the odor is from ingredients in the kettle that will someday be the best beer they ever had. One neighbor will offer to help and then wind up being your brew partner. The next one might become the main bottle washer. Brew day will be planned and don’t be surprised to have all the help you need. Basically the only time you’ll need the kitchen is when bottling time comes around and even that can be avoided.

Brewing beer occurs in varying stages with the basics learned in the beginner phase. As you progress and become more acquainted with the techniques involved you will move on to the intermediate phase where you experiment with different recipes. The final stage is the advanced where brewing becomes more involved and you find yourself reading more and more to learn as much as possible. You can take yourself into any realm you choose and who knows what possibilities are out there. Well anyway, brewing beer involves combining four basic ingredients, malted barley, water, hops and yeast. This book will guide the reader in a practical way to achieve some of the best quality brews that will leave most people pleasantly surprised and the brewer happily amused at their reactions. ENJOY!

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