Beginner’s Guide to Home Brewing – Racking to the Fermenter

Have all your tubing soaking in cleaner as you are working today since it will ensure cleanliness. Use a paper towel in the solution to scrub the outside of the racking cane and tubing. I devised a simple technique for racking that will always have sanitized tubing in contact with your wort at all phases of transferring. Remember that it is very important to maintain sanitation so no foreign microbes enter and spoil your beer. Begin by removing the tubing from the B-Brite solution pail, immersing your hands in the cleaning solution will also clean them. Attach the racking cane on about 5-6 feet of tubing with the clamp about 6 inches from the hook end. Test opening and closing the clamp for practice and to see if it’s positioned correctly. Rinse setup and hands with water. Use of a Siphontap to rack is preferred, otherwise fill the connected cane and tubing with clean water and holding in an upside down U set the clamp to close. Now put the cane end into the jug containing the Star San Solution (SSS). Drop the tubing end down below the jug level and with the other hand open the clamp to siphon out some of the SSS. Since you are outdoors just let it flow to the ground. No problem with the boss. Once the whole setup is full of SSS clamp shut. Have your partner clean and sterilize their hands and pour some SSS onto your hands. Hey Bro you ready? OK stick the racking cane end into the cooled wort above the sediment. Cooling caused about 3” of sediment, or trub to “cold break” and layer the bottom. Position your partner down below and direct the other end just outside of a clean and sterile carboy. The carboy was previously cleaned and rinsed and had SSS in it until the last minute. Just don’t forget to dump it out. Oops! As you open the clamp he will see the SSS come out first then the beer since it has color. He then directs it into the carboy. Hey, so we’re a little sloppy, that’s why were outside. It’s OK if the wort gets aerated at this point, and it’s going to foam while transferring. This is the time to get a specific gravity, so fill the tube with a hydrometer in it and take a reading. Discard the sample wort. This is called the original gravity. It takes a lot of beer to make beer and sometimes we let things slide and later forget, so record the S.G. Now. Avoid racking in direct sunlight!

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