Debuting in April 2001 this site was created to distribute a book and knowledge about how to make beer. Since then many people from around the world that have read the book took an interest and actually brewed for the first time.
More recently we have been dedicated to increasing the awareness that quality beer can be made at home by just about anybody. We are forever researching new and innovative products and techniques to increase our skills to the level one would find in a commercial microbrewery. Yes, it is posible that you can make a beer that is better than the one you bought at the store.

Your interest in great tasting beer probably directed you to a local brewery where the tour included an explanation of the brewhouse, fermentation and holding tanks and bottling lines. You stood there in awe as the complex processes were explained. Well, knowing how to homebrew qualifies you as a candidate for an assistant brewer apprenticeship if your’e willing to learn, work hard and yes, get dirty. Once you are exposed to the daily operations your homebrews will show an improvement. That’s because you will pick up a few “secrets” and advice from the pros and use it to produce beers of consistant distinction.

The reality is that very few actually get the chance to brew commercially and those that did had to start at the “bottom”. Low or no pay is common and sometimes it can cost you. Well I’ve been there and learned over the years how to improve my homebrews. I’m willing to share these “secrets” with all those who are interested in taking their homebrews to new heights. Although on a smaller scale, you can adapt these techniques to your system and produce beers at home that will “wow” even the most experienced brewmaster.